nummer drei: a television space (2016)

One can’t help but wonder if the big cube in the living room as a technicolor window to the world with a twinge of static was not more honest, flooding our living rooms with the warmth of fetishized commodity and social consensus. Caring, but in a generic way. Careless, but oh so tenderly.

After almost two years of experimenting with the generic means of the cinema, the super_filme collective wanted to try something new: How does one simulate a generic distribution apparatus site specifically? We want to re-visit the specific promises of an apparatus that never really got the love it deserved – taking over television.


nummer drei was a  televisual space on the Bahnhofstr. 43 in Witten. It was open to the general public for 6 weeks, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, flooding the world with images. Gathering heterogeneous components – mass-produced plazas, the Vietnam War, Bob Ross, Sesame Street – the televisual flow standardised composites into a single, organized complex. How can the generic televisual flow of images be organized decentrally? How can the anarchy of amateur videotapes (anyone can take videos – self-empowerment within the moving image production) be channeled?

Accelerating, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, the images of the world: From administrating things to administrating the open-ended flow. We want to affirm this generic flood of images. By inviting different collectives and institutions like CHANGEflatnessJazz BarStudio for Propositional CinemaChristian Grüny and Armen Avanessian to co-operate in this visual laboratory and to produce segments for this generic flood we try to practice television: Bringing visual prototypes into the private space of the everyday.

Over the course of 6 weeks we programmed 2900 hours of images, invited curators from 9 different countries, organised 6 panel discussions, published 4 magazines and curated five exhibitions in cooperation with numerous collaborators. Television is dead. Long live television.