nummer drei: a televisual space (2016)

One can’t help but wonder if the big cube in the living room as a technicolor window to the world with a twinge of static was not more honest, flooding our living rooms with the warmth of fetishized commodity and social consensus. Caring, but in a generic way. Careless, but oh so tenderly.

After almost two years of experimenting with the generic means of the cinema, the super_filme collective wanted to try something new: How does one simulate a generic distribution apparatus site specifically? We want to re-visit the specific promises of an apparatus that never really got the love it deserved – taking over television.


nummer drei was a televisual space on the Bahnhofstr. 43 in Witten. It was open to the general public for 6 weeks, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, flooding the world with images. Gathering heterogeneous components – mass-produced plazas, the Vietnam War, Bob Ross, Sesame Street – the televisual flow standardised composites into a single, organized complex. How can the generic televisual flow of images be organized decentrally? How can the anarchy of amateur videotapes (anyone can take videos – self-empowerment within the moving image production) be channeled?

Accelerating, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, the images of the world: From administrating things to administrating the open-ended flow. We want to affirm this generic flood of images. By inviting different collectives and institutions like CHANGE, flatness, Jazz Bar, Studio for Propositional Cinema, Christian Grüny and Armen Avanessian to co-operate in this visual laboratory and to produce segments for this generic flood we try to practice television: Bringing visual prototypes into the private space of the everyday.

Over the course of 6 weeks we programmed 2900 hours of images, invited curators from 9 different countries, organised 6 panel discussions, published 4 magazines and curated five exhibitions in cooperation with numerous collaborators. Television is dead. Long live television.