Curation: Schwarzmarkt (2015)

Invited by the Schwarzmarkt to curate a film for the opening event of the two-year project it was soon clear: We need Week End (1967), we need Godard. The film is an endless drive, a deafening odyssey to Antoine de Saint-Just, Alice in Wonderland and Emily Bronte. Corinne and Roland never reach their destination, the plot loses itself completely out of sight and in the end  Corinne eats her husband: Week End as a metaphor for the planning strategies of the organizational complex.
Form and context of Week End stand between Godard’s early auto-critical movies and the subsequent cinematographic criticism of society of his Dziga Vertov phase. Formalist film-film encounters highly politicized strategies of agitation. In other words: Trying to participate actively in the production of collectivity. We wish the Schwarzmarkt all the best!