A reading and installation by Studentenstadt

And a slapstick filmprogram by Charlotte Szasz

The comedian of slapstick is one that begins to tumble in a chaotic world. The chaos creeps slowly, more and more, in the scene. The comedian stumbles first and then ensnarls himself terribly. The horror of chaos unfolds. As an actor – we doubt that he is still aware of his role as an actor – he has the world no longer together, nothing belongs to him anymore, all belongs to the art. In the depletion he fights the chaos, suffering from his own vices, no longer under the laws of the world. In the chaos the comedian finds nothing to hold on to. He produces the events and at the same time begins to subject them. Until the noise restores the silence. An existential moment. We are seeing a transformation of subjectivity in the character of the comic. We laugh, because of the absurdity of non-sense of the world. We laugh, because of the infinity of ways of Being. What fascinates us: the comedian as a de-linked subject, freed from the pretended lines of Being of the world. Actually, the true greatness of the human.

______ Charlotte Szász