_Primetime discourse # 1: The mute language of things with John Siegmund

For the launch of Primetime discourse former student of University of Witten / Herdecke Johannes Siegmund returned for the first time back to the formative place his 20s. He arrived with the following considerations:

“Three slights huddled things at the margins of modernity: they were mass-reproduced, discarded on a large scale and immaterialized by the communications media. But things get back to an eerie kind: Fossil fuels, antibiotics, plastic. If the human answers to the problems, which makes the eerie second life of things fair? What would a modern and adequate concept of the thing? The workshop asks for the thing as Assemblage, Hyper object, assembly and after his Agency. ”

Tags: New Materialism, Object Oriented Ontology, media theory, ecology, Bruno Latour, Karen Barad, Jane Bennett, Skaling, smartness.

Johannes Siegmund studied Philosophy and Culture in Witten and Critical Studies in Vienna. He writes his PhD with the working title “Philosophy of flight” and is part of the collective philosophy unbound.