_Ogino Knauss – Re:centering Periphery

Traces of long faded social utopias can be found in concrete of todays cities. We think that’s exciting because: These traces also directly ask the question of how „life of tomorrow“ can be organized.

The architecture and urbanist collective Ogino Knauss attended the Television space with the exhibition “Marginal Notes” in the framework of their project “Re.centering Periphery”. For this they studied, among others, urban peripheries in Cuba, Moscow and Berlin that can be seen as a side effect of modernist ideologies. Ogino Knauss was founded in Florence in 1995  and moves between art, research and activism. The formats produced in this interdisciplinary field range from documentaries, photo exhibitions to installations, public art and workshops. With their pictures  and videos in „Marginal Notes“ they trace built and social landscapes of urban peripheries. Part of the exhibition is the screening of the films “Doble Forza” and “Dom Byta Novogo”, which deal with the situation in Havana and Moscow.



Urban School Ruhr

As part of the Urban Landscapes series, we also cooperated with the Urban School Ruhr. The open Academy deals with the present and future of the Ruhr area and makes use of different formats such as excursions, on-site workshops, as-if installations and Assembly Meetings. Some seminars were held in Television Space.