_Opacity by Flatness

“It is not necessary to try to become the other (to become other) nor to ‘make’ him in my image.” Édouard Glissant from ‘Poetics of Relation’

Which images do we see through and which carry weight? This selection of artists’ moving image works explore a new materiality of digital imagery which interplays between affective and effective registers. Here, such non-representational forms, both undermining and enhancing the truth of the image, include: the breath and touch, fear, duration, refusal, movement and excitement.

Shama Khanna is a curator, educator and writer based in London where she curates Flatness, a multi-format event and website project originating as the thematic programme at Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2013 entitled ‘Flatness: Cinema after the Internet’.

German premiere: Αττική (Attica) by Sophie Michael

HD video, United Kingdom, 2013

14 minutes, Colour, Sound

B-ROLL with Andre by James N. Kienitz Wilkins

HD video, United States, 2015

18 minutes 30 seconds, HD, colour, stereo

German premiere: Index by Duncan Marquiss

DV, UK, 2015

6 minutes 30 seconds, colour, stereo

Shrugging Offing by Lucy Clout

HD video, United Kingdom, 2013

10 minutes 39 seconds, HD, colour, 16:9, stereo