The network for speculative writing of history – CHANGE – is a loose clique of artists, academics and entrepreneurs. The task: finally learn to describe the environments in which we’ve already been living so that a more futurist present arises, a Science Fiction of our current decade. It’s all there already. Thus CHANGE asks: How does this work? What does it mean to live in or with the series that haunt us at night through streaming portals? Is life a song then? Or a song about something?

In the televisual space CHANGE presented their favourite musical sequences. And used them to sketchily show how we watch them, where we could find ourselves in them, and played with the Internet, that has always been open in another tab. We!? Well, this mean the “we” that dwells there, in these apartments, in apartments in Witten as well. Additionally, the CHANGE resolved in the next episode. CHANGE faked and found bonus material to their favourite episodes – for friends of all friend circles and more.