_4 Days of Enhancement: Armen Avanessian

“What to do with our lack of a future”, we asked backwards stumbling, fragments composing to a whole. “In the future,” responds Avanessian. “In what?” “That does not matter, the main thing is to get away”.

Armen Avanessian, known for his work around the speculative realism and Accelarationism into conversation with the philosopher Matthias Kettner and Christian Grüny. It was – how could it be otherwise – dedicated to Accelerationism, Speculative Poetics, Materialism, and temporality. History is nothing more than the reconstruction of the past from the perspective of the present. What was, is always already passé. This description always remains caught in fiction and speculation. Instead of lamenting over the slope of the curve, Avenessian works on the parameters. The question is not whether we like squid, but how we are going to barbecue them.