_4 Days of Enhancement: Expanding the Virtual with Jonathan Harth

To act with the Oculus Rift goggles is not accompanied by a loss of reality. On the contrary: The action and experience in virtual realities is connected to reality profit. Because virtual realities open up new spaces for new observations. They point to the possibilities / impossibilities of the real reality and thus form at least a second perspective on the world and reality. With the help of VR one can not only see and understand what could have been different. It is also possible to act and experience directly in this otherness. Still conveyed via the media, but close though. The T-Rex comes dangerously close and the vertigo strikes with full force. 
Together with the sociologist Jonathan Harth we tried new alternative observation perspectives on reality. A variety of landscapes and games made it possible to experience the effects of immersion and presence in VR firsthand. This was followed by a lecture of Jonathan Harth, who for some time engages in VR from a sociological perspective.