Since the beginning of 2014, super_filme has been working on moving images “on this side of cybernetic research,“ focussing on practices that realise infrastructures and offer technical alternatives. Temporary cultural institutions in former shops, an unused cinema, a closed-down factory and hidden backyards are being installed. super_filme wants to revisit non-places: make them a part of the city again, recapture the various urban sites as places of potentiality, beyond mere economic utility. We use these sites in order to speculate how cybernetic curating might look like (Bense and Kepes). Joint ventures between theory and practice are part of the calculus.


(1) Occupying vacant spaces to decolonise privatisation and excavate potential.

(2) Using the image as a pretext for interventions: Programming projection acts instead of screenings, workshops instead of contemplative spectatorship.

(3) Responding to the concrete urgency of the contemporary crisis: image-based discourse.

(4) Looking at practices beyond the canon and installing a refuge for marginal and indigestible images.